Your trip of a lifetime

July 31, 2012 | By

Travel is my passion, and so each time I plan another personal vacation, my husband teases me about how excited we are to embark on yet another “trip of a lifetime”.  Fortunately there have been several.

How many “trips of a lifetime” have you been on?  A trip of a lifetime is not a specific destination or itinerary, but an experience – a feeling and memory that will last forever and become a part of a person’s history.  A trip of a lifetime may be different for each person, the reason for the trip may be different, but the end result should be the same – that they have had their expectations exceeded and feel fulfilled in a memorable way.

Virtuoso Life’s recent survey confirms the extravagant quality of clients most sought-after experiences:  Top trips include calling on all seven continents, renting a European villa, visiting all the new Seven Wonders of the World, photographing the Big Five animals on an Africa safari, yachting the Mediterranean, and embarking on a world cruise.  Can you imagine renting a private island? or blasting off on a Virgin Galactic Flight – is space travel on your bucket list?   

Since all of these trips tread exotic territory, an expert is essential.  As clients perceptions of trips of a lifetime have become bigger than ever before, the need for a travel agent’s expertise and skills have never been more evident.  When it comes to creating an exceptional experience, a good travel agent can broaden and enhance the dream vacation.  We prepare and assist our clients in advance of their travels to ensure a seamless trip that meets their expectations.  For bookings of this magnitude, agents are truly invaluable.

Whether you are an adventurer seeker, cruiser, or beach -goer.  The trip starts way before you get on the plane or ship – it is the entire journey, not just the destination.

I would love to help arrange your trip of a lifetime.