Winter Travel Advice from a Luxury Travel Advisor

January 16, 2018 | By

The first winter storm of 2018 may have passed, but below normal temperatures and severe weather could cause further travel delays throughout the season.

host agencyHere are some tips to ease travel concerns during the winter months:

Consider Larger Airports
If you suspect there may be severe weather threats during your time of travel, consider flying from a larger airport. Larger international airports will have a greater chance of more alternate flights, and they are also better equipped to clear runways faster.

Travel Insurance
Often airlines will issue travel waivers that allow you to rebook your ticket away from the affected dates at no additional charge. You should take advantages of these when they are available. For those instances where your flight is canceled or delayed without a waiver travel insurance can be your saving grace to recoup all or part of your travel investment.

Travel Advisories
Get travel advisories or weather alerts delivered to your phone. There are several apps that allow you to receive email or text message notifications from your airline about your flight’s status. A weather app can also keep you updated about changing conditions.

Pack Smart
Make sure you have enough clothes and essentials in case you are kept longer at your destination due to flight delays or cancellations.

Travel Light
Even though I mentioned be prepared for an extended trip if you travel with only a carry-on you’ll be in a better position to change flights quickly in the event of a cancellation or quick layover.

Use a Travel Advisor
A travel advisor will be your advocate before, during and after you return to answer any questions that might come up and alter your itinerary if needed.

I am not telling you to avoid traveling during the winter, because we all know a warm weather getaway is just the cure for the winter blues. But, by working with a travel advisor to plan your vacation and keeping these things in mind it will help you have a more stress-free travel experience.