Why you need to visit Cassowary Coast, Australia

August 9, 2012 | By

A Southern Cassowary

Have you ever heard of the cassowary? It is a spectacular flightless bird of the rainforest. The largest bird of Australia is the natural icon of the seaside town of Mission Beach, since the largest population of the endangered Southern Cassowaries reside here. Thus, the nickname “Cassowary Coast”.  This quiet area is  surrounded by wet tropical rainforest, sugar cane farms, national parks, fruit plantations and glorious beaches.

It’s location is halfway between Cairns and Townsville with easy access to Dunk Island. With eco-friendly resorts, boutique properties, luxury options and mountains of activities, this is a great family vacation spot. There is adventure, romance, fine dining and friendly Aussies to make this destination a great spot for several days off the typical tourist itinerary. Visit Mission Beach and see a piece of Australia you won’t forget.