Why Windstar? Because Getting There is Half the Fun

July 5, 2011 | By

The small, sleek yachts of Windstar are made for seeing the world quite literally from a different point of view. One that is intimate, more unique and simply exhilarating.  A voyage with Windstar promises the thrill of sailing the open seas. The relaxing luxury of your own private yacht.

A voyage aboard Windstar is the essence of unregimented luxury offering a sea-side window on the world that combines the refinement of a sophisticated hotel and the adventure of sailing your own private yacht. Experience the romance of being at sea under sail. The exclusivity of visiting rarely accessed ports of call. The unobtrusive graciousness of friendly staff. It all adds up to a casually elegant award-winning vacation that is truly “180 Degrees from Ordinary.” 

Windstar’s yachts feature wide open teak decks.  Towering white sails. A voyage on Windstar offers luxurious amenities, gourmet cuisine, exceptional service and the world’s most exotic and unique ports of call. Sail to the Greek Isles, Italy, Europe or warm waters of the Caribbean or Costa Rica. With less than 320 guests on board you’ll quickly discover a genuine freedom to escape and explore as you want, when you want. You’ll love this journey as much as the destination!

Windstar has won the allegiance of a new generation of contemporary travelers who appreciate the line’s casual elegance, alternative dining venues, rich mix of shore excursions, complimentary water sports program, progressive spa facilities and luxurious accommodations.

It Feels Like Your Own Private Yacht
• Escape the crowds and regimen
• Indulge in the personal attention of an exceptionally gracious crew
• Relax in well-appointed ocean-view staterooms and suites
• Savor the exquisite cuisine of world-class chefs
• Enjoy the freedom to escape and explore as you want and when your want
• Rejuvenate in the spa and luxurious amenities

Sailing is the Ultimate Cruising Luxury
• Feel the incomparable exhilaration of sailing the high seas
• Hear the natural life of the ocean at full sail
• Enjoy the yacht envy of an arrival in port that is truly unrivaled
• Unwind in the casual elegance of one of the world’s largest sailing yachts

Get Closer to the World’s Must See Places
• Explore the world’s most legendary places and hidden harbors
• Behold majestic coastlines larger ships will never see
• Immerse in a more authentic cultural experience rarely found in crowded places
• Explore the world in a more personal and authentic way

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