United Airlines flies high in my book

March 24, 2016 | By

While the airlines are constantly getting complaints for one reason or another, I have found that United Airlines continues to “up” their game when it comes to their international service.

united airlines logo2I have long been a premium flyer with United and never really thought their service matched other international carriers. I flew them for the convenience of having their hub in Denver (where I am based) and flying everywhere from here. In the last couple of years I have seen a HUGE improvement in the attitude of the in-flight crew and the service offered.

Did you know they serve ice cream sundaes in business class on international flights? I look forward to that, since most desserts are pretty predictable and boring. Their entrée options are tasty and varied, and most of the flight attendants seem to really be enjoying themselves. (Of course, you will usually find one here or there that spoils this.)

A smile or a kind word can certainly go a long way when you are traveling. The memory of your flight may not be the highlight of your trip, but on United Airlines you have a chance. Give them a try again.