Tswalu – Africa

August 2, 2019 | By

Luxury at its finest can be found here.

Set in the green Kalahari Desert in South Africa you will find a unique property called Tswalu. Though it is called the “green” Kalahari, the sand is endless and a deep red, punctuated by the Korannaberg hills.

The colors come alive when you step out onto your patio to enjoy the extended view. The accommodations are divided into two main lodges, with The Motse being all about individual bungalow suites and Tarkuni as the villa-Esque option for families or extended groups.

The suites at Tswalu-Motse accommodate a couple nicely with an expansive indoor and outdoor shower, as well as a spacious bathroom. The suite presents a bed facing the full wall of glass and a sitting area to view the wildlife in the sand or at the watering hole. On your private multi-level patio you can enjoy sitting on a comfy sofa and maybe sipping a beverage while you watch the numerous types of antelopes, warthogs, ground squirrels or other wildlife stopping for a drink at the water’s edge or just sauntering by.

Twsalu also boasts the first Michelin star chef named in South Africa and the food is not only presented beautifully but tastes even better than it looks. We had a tasting menu that offered 13 different small courses that were unique and delicious. And how is the chef THIN???

With hot water bottles on the cold nights and warm, cozy comforters, we didn’t really need to have a fire in our fireplace-but it was there if required. Listening to the night sounds and gazing at the amazing southern night sky, scattered with stars, you realize you are in one of the true wildernesses of Africa.

Tswalu ~
One of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World!