Travel Insurance? You bet!

December 7, 2010 | By

I first have to explain how angry I get when some so-called ‘travel guru’ for a national television station or major publication tells travelers that, in essence, purchasing travel insurance is a waste of money. Horse-hockey!  They go on to explain that this is just another way for the cruise line, travel company or travel agent to get more money out of you.  Let me explain just how wrong they are, and nothing can emphasize my point more than personal experience. 

You’re thinking to yourself, why would a travel agent need to purchase travel insurance?  Well my situation is much like many people’s. I have aging parents and I travel a lot. My initial reason was to purchase insurance to cover out of pocket, non-refundable costs that would be a total loss should a situation arise that I have to cancel my trip and stay home to care for my parents or other immediate family member. 

Just this last April, I was three days from my trip to Cancun, Mexico for my niece’s wedding and I end up in the hospital with appendicitis!  I contacted Delta Vacations and let them know that I wouldn’t be traveling and then contacted Travelex Insurance to start the claims process.  Within a few weeks I had the refund of my trip!

Buy travel insurance! It protects against unforeseen events prior to leaving. It also protects you while you are traveling (flight delays, lost baggage, medical issues.)  You’ve invested a lot in your trip, go one step further and protect that investment!