Top 10 Reasons to Visit Dubai

July 22, 2014 | By

Dubai is known for decadence, wealth, oil and innovation. For the time being, here are my top 10 reasons to visit Dubai (not in any particular order):

1. The tallest building, Burj Khalifa, at 2700 feet high

2. The tallest hotel, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

3. The world’s biggest aquarium

4. Biggest mall, the Dubai Mall

5. 7 star luxury hotel, the Burj al Arab (each room is a duplex), shaped like a sail

6. Gold Souk, a large market where you can purchase gold at decent prices


Gold Souk shop window

7. Dune bashing, followed by a Bedouin-style dinner in the desert

8. Indoor ski resort

9. World’s longest unmanned metro line

10. Beaches, nightlife, and restaurants

Are you tempted yet? There are numerous choices of opulent accommodations to drain your wallet, both in the city and on the beaches. Dubai is a great stopover point enroute to other destinations as well. Bring your sense of wonder!