Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort in Australia

September 22, 2011 | By

Dolphins are amazing and the opportunity to interact closely with them would be a highlight for almost anyone. One encounter could change the way you think about all wildlife. Each evening at Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort on Moreton Island, Queensland, a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins (some of the smartest animals you will find) visits the resort. Just seeing them in that close environment is an experience itself, but guests also have the opportunity to wade into the water to hand feed those beautiful animals. Hand feeding dolphins ranks right up there with chocolate, doesn’t it? To connect with a wild dolphin and to be so close to nature is exciting!

Moreton Island, where the Tangalooma Resort is located, is within easy access of Brisbane. Tangalooma Resort has 5 different beachfront style accommodations. Feeding dolphins is one of the many (and dare I say, a favorite) activities and tours (over 80) that await you on Moreton Island!  From Segway tours to eco walks to kayaking to whale watching, and so much more, you and your family could enjoy this special island retreat for a week or even more! Who cares about climbing a bridge when you have all this?