Say good-bye to lost luggage

August 1, 2013 | By

TrakdotAs a travel consultant, I travel a lot.  And I have been fortunate enough to never have lost any of my luggage in the process.  Oh sure, I’ve had delayed bags (24 hours or so) due to tight connections, but I always carry enough basics with me that I manage a day without my large bag just fine.  I also make sure that my luggage is properly tagged with my name, cell number and email address. Those little decorative ribbons on the handle only identify the bag to you.

Sadly, almost 23 million checked bags are lost or misplaced in airports every year! Now, thanks to a new palm-size tracking device called Trakdot Luggage, yours won’t be one of them.  Put the small gadget into your suitcase, and when you land, it sends a text or an e-mail letting you know it arrived as well – or was accidentally sent somewhere else!  There is an inexpensive activation and annual service fee. Trakdot™ is FCC certified, FAA compliant and approved by Conformité Européenne (CE) for use in European countries.