Planning Family Vacations – Tips from Andavo Travel

May 26, 2011 | By

When planning a family vacation, there are some key questions to ask in order to ensure both parents and kids are happy. One of our Andavo Travel advisors recently appeared on the Daily Dish TV show to “dish” some tips for travel with the kids. You can view the segment below, or visit the Daily Dish’s website.

When planning a vacation with children, parents typically put the needs of the kids first. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In an attempt to draw more family travelers, many hotels and resorts across the U.S. and Canada now offer activities for every member of the family: while the kids are playing, Dad can golf while Mom enjoys a facial. Later, parents can enjoy a relaxing, romantic dinner without interruption. Don’t worry, your kids will be so busy listening to stories, playing parachute games and meeting new friends, they’ll hardly miss you.

Before deciding on your resort destination, be sure to refer to our list of questions– there’s nothing like getting to a hotel or resort and finding out that it’s not at all like the brochures.
1. Do children stay free of charge? What age is considered a child?
2. Do any rooms offer kitchenettes or mini refrigerators? Do you have connecting rooms? Think about your needs. You may want an all-suite hotel over a double room.
3. Do you offer baby-sitting services or do you have a relationship with an off-site baby-sitting service?
4. What kind of supervised activities do you offer for my children’s age group? What do they include? What are the qualifications of the staff?
5. Do you offer cribs, strollers or other children’s supplies at no charge?
6. Do you offer in-house laundry service? Only a parent knows the perils of traveling with a limited amount of clothes and a messy toddler.

Or you could simply contact your Andavo Travel advisor for assistance in planning that family vacation, and rest assured you’ll end up with a fabulous family trip.