Pearls of Wisdom: Tips from Travel Agents

June 4, 2015 | By

I loved the article in this month’s issue of Virtuoso Traveler magazine titled, “Pearls of Wisdom: Virtuoso advisors share their top 59 travel tips, from planning to packing to pointing you to that perfect picnic spot.”  I loved the section on the latest cool luggage (Bluetooth tracking and locking!), the latest travel apps (everyone download GateGuru!), and the tipping guide (does this come in a laminated wallet size?).

Virtuoso even quoted three of our Andavo Travel advisors!

Tip #20, by Jeri Donovan (who specializes in wellness travel):  “Investigate the area you plan to visit and check for any 5k or 10k runs. Organized runs are a super way to have fun and connect with locals. Walking is exercise too; try to walk as much as possible during your travels – even take laps through the airport.”

Tip #53, by Kay Merrill:  “Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, features a full men’s spa menu, making it a great choice for couples. Activities include everything from mountain biking and canoe trips to a zip-lining course.”

Tip #57, by Kristen Twitty:  “Why wait until you return to upload your pictures on Instagram? Instant sharing is the new black. Just as long as you know when to put the phone down!”