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When I hear the name Orient-Express, I think of the fabled Venice-Simplon Orient-Express: offering fine dining and vintage cabins complemented by ever-changing panoramas.  Today those same two evocative words include an elite collection of enriching experiences.  The Orient-Express collection embraces iconic hotels, great train journeys, river cruises, inclusive vacations and adventures in 25 countries, across 4 continents.  Each in the collection is unique and indeed a destination in their own right.

Orient Express offers the authentic and unique experience of the local culture, making travel more rewarding.  The collection is diverse, spanning land and water, adventure and relaxation.  Whether staying at the grandest of hotels, exploring France’s canals and rivers aboard a luxury barge, or traversing continents by rail, Orient Express has really figured out a sense of place. The collection was created with you in mind and based on the type of experience you’ll encounter.

Orient-Express has long been equated with the world’s most exclusive train travel.  From the legendary Venice Simplon – Orient- Express, to its sister trains in the UK, the Orient Express portfolio now also includes special departures from the high Andes in Peru to the heart of South-East Asia.  Whether it’s time for a “once in a lifetime journey”, a short trip maybe for just a day, or a need to celebrate something special, life onboard is thoroughly memorable, enjoyable, and comes highly recommended.

On your next travels make Orient Express part of your discovery.

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