Norwegian Epic

January 4, 2012 | By

I just got back from sailing the Eastern Caribbean on the beautiful Norwegian Epic.  I had a delightful time on this cruise ship, (I gained 5 pounds, because the food was so delicious!)  NCL’s “anytime” philosophy makes dining options easy with 21 different restaurants to choose from, although some do charge extra for the service. No formal nights made packing choices simple.

The entertainment on the ship was great. Blue Man group and Cirque Dreams and Dinner were my two favorites, (there is an extra charge for Cirque – but I thought it was well worth it.)  I highly recommend pre-booking your shows and dinner options before you sail, they can sell out quickly especially if you have a specific night you want to see a certain show or dine in a restaurant.

I was able to view the “Haven” which is NCL’s exclusive suite complex. I was “wowed” by the cabins, the private dining and pool areas.  I also attended classes while I was on the ship and got to take a tour of the laundry facilities, the galley where they prepare all the meals for the passengers and the bridge where the captain and his crew sail the ship.  If you wanted to do that, too, the price is $55.00. They only allow 15 passengers on the tour and offer the tour 2 or 3 times during the 7 night sailing. It was very interesting.

As NCL says – the weather outside is frightful but the Caribbean is so delightful.  All aboard!!