Maui – the Production of ‘Ulalena

December 31, 2010 | By

I had an opportunity to visit the Hawaiian island of Maui recently and was fortunate to be able to obtain tickets to the amazing production of ‘Ulalena. It is mesmerizing and breathtaking and rivals any production on Broadway in talent and content. To best describe the show, I will defer to the website descriptions and encourage travelers who enjoy unique culture and theater to see this production. After you have enjoyed the beautiful beaches, enjoy this production. You will be so glad you did!

About the Show


‘Ulalena is a wind unique to Maui, as said in the Kumulipo, an ancient Hawaiian creation chant, as well as a red-yellow colored rain revealed by the twilight. Like a soft wind in the mist of light.

‘Ulalena invites each spectator to a place of wonder. “It is often said that life is a journey, an individual voyage which does not necessarily involve change of place. One is changed by events and the passage of time.” (Eugenio Barba, The Paper Canoe, A Guide to Theatre Anthropology.)

‘Ulalena explores relationships between people, nature and mythology. The use of metaphors integrates Hawaiian chants and dances, original music and choreography, lighting and projections to support the talents of unique performers.

‘Ulalena is a journey where the moment to moment excitement of self-discovery is the destination.