Luxury Hotel Review: The Peninsula Hong Kong

July 25, 2016 | By

The Peninsula Hotels have long been recognized as an industry leader in luxury hospitality with just ten properties across the globe. The Hong Kong property is the original and also serves as the flagship of the brand.

The Peninsula Hong Kong, aka “Grande Dame of the Far East”, was established in 1928, located in Kowloon and is Hong Kong’s oldest hotel. In 2013, a $58 million full renovation was completed.

Guests are chauffeured to and from the airport in an extended wheelbase Rolls Royce that is clothed in Peninsula’s signature green. The Peninsula Hong Kong set a record when it purchased 14 Rolls Royce Phantoms in 2006 (it has since been surpassed by Stephen Hung’s order of 30 Phantoms in 2014). Many guests opt for the Rolls Royce transfer, as it’s a signature touch of the Peninsula experience.

Departing in one of Peninsula's 14 bespoke Rolls Royces.

Departing in one of Peninsula’s 14 bespoke Rolls Royces.

We were greeted by a representative as soon as we stepped off the plane at the gate. A golf cart quickly escorted us to immigrations. Once our baggage was collected, we were shown to a private car transfer area and were enroute to the hotel. I should also mention that the Peninsula is the only hotel with a helipad in Hong Kong and does offer a helicopter transfer service as well. I was able to tour the “China Clipper”, which is a waiting lounge for guests chartering the helicopter for airport transfers or aerial tours of Hong Kong. What other hotel can claim to have its own airport lounge?

Upon arrival, a team of well suited staff members greeted us. We were immediately whisked to our suite for an in-room check-in.

Suite entrance/foyer overlooking the Victoria Harbour and Skyline

Suite entrance/foyer overlooking the Victoria Harbour and Skyline

We had reserved a Superior Suite but we were upgraded into a Deluxe Suite as a Virtuoso booking. The suite is simply gorgeous! It perfectly blended Hong Kong’s old world charm with a modern art deco feel. The Deluxe Suite is over 130sqm/1,300sqft with amazing views of the Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s famed skyline. In the evenings, we could just observe the daily 8pm harbour light show directly from our suite. It was so nice to watch the light show and have air condition at the same time.

All rooms and suites in the Peninsula featured some fantastic tech toys. All guest rooms had touch screen tablets that controlled temperature, lighting, shades, television, room service, transportation, and more. We had 3 tablets so one was always within reach. I thought it may have just been “style over function” but in practice, it worked really well and now it’s just not same being at home without it! All in-room phones also provide guests with free international calls via VoIP.

Limited time Tiffany & Co edition high tea...only at the Pen!

Limited time Tiffany & Co edition high tea…only at the Pen!

One cannot visit the Peninsula, or Hong Kong, without taking high tea in the Peninsula Lobby. During our visit, the limited edition Tiffany & Co high tea was still being served. It was extra special for my wife, for obvious reasons. I didn’t find platinum in my macaroons or anything, but it was delicious, nonetheless.

The pool resembles the Roman Empire era and has sliding doors that can be opened to expose outdoor space on nice days.

Sauna with a killer view of the Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong skyline

Sauna with a killer view of the Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong skyline

I also took advantage of the Spa. At this point, we’ve been traveling throughout Asia for two weeks and were exhausted. The Spa was much needed. While it was perfectly pleasant, it wasn’t anything to write home about either. However, the views from the sauna were insane. Most saunas I’ve been to are just an enclosed closet, but at the Pen, it had amazing harbour and skyline views. It did cause me to stay in longer than I probably should have, totally worth it, though.

Overall, we had a fantastic stay and the Peninsula was a great oasis in a city that feels busier than even New York. Till next time!