Luxury Hotel Review: Nest Hotel Incheon, Seoul, South Korea

December 8, 2016 | By

As the complimentary shuttle pulled up to a building resembling a warehouse, I assumed it must be the Nest Hotel. A Design Hotel, the Nest Hotel is located near the Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea. Gazing around the area, I realized that settled next to bridge, a railroad track and industrial buildings, this property was built to blend into its environment.

Upon entering the building, I was left with only a hint of where to go for reception since the open area was large and expansive and included two large Christmas trees. There is a restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and closed for short periods between meals. To my surprise, the property also hosts a beautiful lake behind the hotel, walking path, child’s play area, sandy spot for Tai Chi and a lovely area with adult size swings to enjoy the view. My view from my room was of the industrial area described above.  

The super hotels in Seoul are new, functional, modern and state of the art amazement, with the Nest Hotel being no exception. The light comes on for the elevator that will arrive for you in a few dozen seconds. You tap your card on the pad inside prior to pressing your floor. Security at its simplest. Tap the key on the pad at your room door, also. The toilet and bidet combo is high tech; the room also hosts a work space, large window, and a pizza slice shaped outdoor space that the hotel calls it a balcony, but is actually too small to be usable except to check the temperature. It does offer a lot of light, something missing from so many hotel rooms.

Furnishings are sleek and minimal with all the things you really need and no extra trappings. That means the mini bar is sparse, too, with ten cans of beer, three selections of soft drinks and only four small edibles. Thus, not much temptation for me.  

The comfortable bed and functional space meant a great stay for me. This property also earns you Starwood points, a great bonus.