Luxury Hotel Review: Lotte Hotel Seoul

December 12, 2016 | By

A stopover in Seoul offers numerous hotel options. Depending on the
preferred location and type of accommodation you are looking for her, consider the Lotte Hotel Seoul.  

Top 10 reasons to choose the Lotte Hotel Seoul:

Beautiful guest room

Special extras

10. Location. Located in the financial city center, it is an easy pickup point for any tours.
9. There is a wonderful shopping center attached to the hotel.
8. Spacious and beautiful rooms.
7. They have a club floor with extensive views and offerings.
6. Safety elevators. You must swipe the elevator key pad for your floor. No access to a floor without a key.
5. There are heaters outside in the transportation waiting area for those cold days as well as seating.
4. Once you press the elevator button an elevator light comes on immediately to let you know which elevator is coming for you. There may be a short wait for the elevator, but you know where to wait.
3. Heated toilet seat with bidet included.
2. Sensor on the combination phone, clock, lighting dashboard. When you approach the nightstand with the phone, all of the numbers light up and you can easily find the master light switch.
1. The service is top of the line. From the moment I began disembarking the KAL limousine from the airport, there was a bellman there to assist with my luggage and whisk me off to the appropriate check in desk. Service didn’t stop there. Every staff member was attentive and helpful for my four night stay.