Luxury Hotel Review: Kaya Mawa, Malawi

June 27, 2014 | By

After a recent tour throughout Malawi (that long, skinny country sandwiched between Mozambique and Zambia in Africa), I knew enough to expect beauty when we landed on Likoma Island. I knew that Lake Malawi was vast and that lovely properties could be found. However, I did not expect the grandeur of the hidden gem I found in Kaya Mawa, the exclusive luxury resort.

The lovely Michelle greeted us and made us feel welcome and special immediately upon our arrival. At first sight, I thought Kaya Mawa was a charming location and property (having driven from the airport to the resort on some rugged roads through some rather poor neighborhoods.) But I soon realized that the charm extended beyond my initial impression.

Tucked into the rocks and dramatic scenery are individual suites so discreet that that you cannot even discern the number.  There are suites behind steps and shrubbery, and one is even hidden on an island behind sprawling bougainvillea. Each suite is unique and special, and each one is spacious with a balcony and outdoor space. Some even have plunge pools. All have a wonderful view and flowers everywhere to welcome you.

Kaya Mawa 1

And then there is the pristine beach of soft sand.  Once you can take your eyes off the view to eat, there is a cozy bar and restaurant with food you can only imagine. The creative and talented chef offers surprisingly beautiful and delicious food to dazzle any palate. The service is heartfelt and excellent in every aspect of this resort. There is nothing lacking — unless you didn’t bring a romantic partner with you…  This is one of the top 10 most romantic places in the world, according to Conde Nast.

Kaya Mawa 2

Head to Africa on safari and when you are weary after the 5am daily wake up calls, finish your trip on Likoma Island, luxuriating in the finest accommodations of Kaya Mawa.

To be sure, the managers of this lodge believe in giving back to the community and support the Malawi Dream.