It’s Your Turn to Visit the Spectacular Sights of Spain

August 10, 2013 | By

Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

Working in the travel business, I get bombarded with beautiful photos of fantastic places around the world. Many often spark memories of my own trips.  This photo of Ronda, located in the Andalucia area of Spain, is one of those photos.  My husband and I were staying in Malaga and decided to take a day trip out to see some of the sights of Southern Spain.  We stumbled upon Ronda, a great town with a very famous bridge.  I love Spain and now that I have a deeper understanding of its wine and cuisine, I wouldn’t hesitate to return for a third time and stumble upon a few more spectacular sights.  Such as:

The Roman Bridge

Despite its name, this bridge actually only dates back to the period of Arab occupation, and its low elevation has made it the victim of several floods. The bridge is also known as the Tannery Bridge, probably because of its former proximity to the Arab tanneries that, naturally, would have been located outside the town.

The Old Bridge

This bridge also dates back to the time of the Arabs (some say it was built during the reign of Mohammed III of Granada). After the Christian reconquest, it had to be almost completely restored. In the beginning of the 17th century, the bridge was damaged once again (this time in a flood), but was restored by 1616.

El Tajo de Ronda

El Tajo de Ronda is the name that the Rondeños give to the bridge, also called the New Bridge, which links the old town with the new high above the river Guadalevin. The first attempt at building the bridge in 1735 was a failure. While it took only eight months to complete the one-arch bridge, it collapsed just six years later, taking fifty people with it. In 1751, another attempt was made. This time the construction lasted 42 years. The river has carved a canyon over the centuries that is 100 metres deep, and half a kilometre long. More recently, the main part of the bridge served as a jail for the region’s most dangerous criminals. I’d be delighted to help you book your next trip to wonderful Spain.

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