Helicopter ride over Kilauea, Hawai’i

March 9, 2011 | By

Kilauea Volcano

On my recent trip to Hawai’i, we stayed four nights on the Big Island – Hawai’i.  One of the reasons for a stay on the Big Island is to visit Volcano National Park.  However, the drive from Kona takes several hours roundtrip.  Once at the park you then have to hike for a couple of hours and you still aren’t allowed to get very close to the volcano (for obvious reasons) and you don’t really get to see anything. 

As an alternative option, my husband and I took a two hour helicopter ride and were able to circle above the caldera of Kilauea where we saw flowing and sputtering lava. After the volcano sight-seeing and a quick stop at the Hilo airport to refuel, we were off again to the northern side of the island with its magnificent cliffs and valleys which, again, can only be seen either by air or sea. 

When visiting the Big Island – save your pennies as it’s not cheap – and book a fantastic flight over the island.