Green Turtles of Costa Rica

August 24, 2011 | By

The lives of turtles and people are intimately intertwined in the North Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Tortuguero. This area of Costa Rica isn’t often visited by tourist but is well worth the trouble to get there.  Since the arrival of the first indigenous tribal group (relatives of the Mayans) several hundred years ago, (followed by other indigenous groups such as the Zambo-Misquito), turtles have been used here in a sustainable manner.

Observing nesting turtles is an unforgettable experience. From July through October the most common of the four species that nest here, the Green Turtle, comes ashore at night. They grow to a length of about three feet and adults weigh between 165 to 400 pounds. When the female reaches the beach she drags herself to the highest point until she finds a convenient place to dig the nest which she does using her flat flippers as a shovel. The nest is ready when it’s about 20 inches deep. The female will lay approximately 100 eggs. When her task is completed she covers the hole again using almost her entire body in an attempt to camouflage the nest, throwing sand in all directions and then she begins her weary journey back to the sea.

Visit Tortuguero and experience this unique approach to “Mother Nature’s” marvels. Not only turtles, but many other rain forest creatures inhabit this area! Contact us today and learn more about how to add this wonderful experience on to your client’s vacation.

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