Gorilla Trekking

December 7, 2010 | By

Silverback Gorilla

Gorillas live in the central countries of Africa and have been an endangered species due to poaching by the local people. They travel in families and are very nomadic, but they like thick forests where they are able to find their favorite foods and blend into their environment.

To see them in the wild is, indeed, a rare and special experience. At this time both Uganda and Rwanda offer trekking by very experienced guides. Both countries are safe and unique on their own; with different cultures, animals, terrain and experiences.

One of the guides in Rwanda, Francois, worked with Dian Fossey and now is the person responsible for training guides throughout the areas of Uganda, the Congo and Cameroon. He teaches them correct and safe methods of tracking and interacting with the animals.

Baby Gorilla

To be part of the adventure of tracking a gorilla is a precious and special experience. To see the baby gorillas and their juvenile family members playing and romping like children warms your heart. To see the large Silverback, the dominate male of the family, as he strikes his chest makes you smile and also keeps you in your place!

Animals are incredible when it comes to instincts and charm. To be at one with them in their environment is a true privilege. Be sure to put gorilla trekking on your bucket list. You won’t regret it!