Frankfurt Airport: One to Avoid

February 23, 2012 | By

After reading the Frommers list of best and worst airports in the world, I realized there was an airport missing, the one I avoid like the plague: Frankfurt!

Having gone through the scrutiny of the security in Tel Aviv, it was interesting to see how the Germans carry things one step further. You must enter several security points or passport checks, whether departing or (heaven forbid!), connecting here. Every woman in the security line I was assigned was wanded. After taking off my shoes, having them run through the scanner and then handed back to me, I was ignored. I was afraid to move, fearing the wrath of the German agent, but after sitting with my shoes and feeling invisible, I meekly asked if I could leave. The gutteral “ya” said it all. (Go! Go now!)

Then, as I waited for my bag to exit the X-ray machine, I realized that was the next obstacle. Of course, I was asked to unzip the bag. (They can’t do that?) All of my things were removed (charging equipment for my electronics, toiletry bag, book, coat, etc.), and then, after the intrusion, the gutteral “OK” slipped out between the security woman’s lips, as though it would choke her. My things were all scattered, sitting there, waiting to be repacked by me, of course.

After cramming everything back into the snug bag, I proceeded in the direction of the gate. Did I mention the distances between the security points and gates? Well, a segway is in order. (Munich has them and they have a wonderful airport, too, so bad airports aren’t just a German thing. It is a Frankfurt thing.)

Avoid it if you can, this enormous mass of hallways and security points. Frankfurt should be heading the list of worst airports.