Four Seasons Bali Honeymoon

May 13, 2014 | By

Travel is a very big part of my life, so I didn’t take the decision of where to go on my honeymoon very lightly. It was extremely important to me to create a unique, once in a lifetime experience, and it was extremely important for my husband to be able to relax. I ended up choosing both Four Seasons Resorts in Bali. Coupling Jimbaran Bay and Sayan together gives you the perfect combinations of Balinese culture, nature, and the charm of Four Season. They complimented each other perfectly and created a dream honeymoon.

We began our vacation at Jimbaran Bay, where we received a very warm welcome. The resort is like walking into an Indiana Jones movie. The entrance to each villa resembles an old Hindu Temple, and the rest of the resort brings in many other aspects of the famous island. There are temples, statues, locals playing music, and tons of greenery; all set to a beautiful backdrop of the ocean. Four Seasons did an amazing job of creating a full range of Balinese experiences; they did such an amazing job that you feel no need to leave the grounds.

We were upgraded to a beautiful ocean view villa, equipped with an outdoor living room, outdoor garden shower, and its very own private infinity pool. It was surreal. For the guests who don’t have their own private pool, or if you want a change of scenery, there is an infinity pool and bar right off the beach. Between the amazing view and the delicious beef sliders, we ended up eating most of our meals out on the patio.

I had read reviews online that Jimbaran Bay was older and a little run down. It definitely had been updated recently, because everything was perfect! It had the look and feel of Bali, yet the luxury that comes with the Four Seasons name. We spent most of our time in Jimbaran Bay relaxing in our private outdoor living room, wandering the grounds, playing tennis, and eating delicious food. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to relax.

Next we moved on to Four Seasons Sayan. Instead of being on the beach we were on the river, giving the island a completely different feel. Sayan immediately emerges you into the jungles of Bali. Everything is green and screams of tranquility. You enter the hotel from the roof, which is a large lily pond. You then take a spiral staircase down each level to the front desk, restaurant, and spa. The guests rooms lead you down large hallways, partially outdoors, with large walls covered in moss. The staircase is a labyrinth, winding around a large moss covered cement wall.

We stayed in a beautiful villa, this time overlooking the river. The temperatures were a little cooler inland, but still extremely moderate. The entrance to our villa was also on its roof, and was a lily pond. After taking the staircase down you would arrive in a completely different, but equally amazing room as Jimbaran Bay.

Instead of playing tennis every day we took bike rides into town and through rice fields. It was fun riding bikes in the fresh air, while exploring the island. The resort also offered different activities through out the day, as well as traditional Balinese dancing at night.

If I were to plan my honeymoon again, I wouldn’t change a thing. The Four Seasons Resorts in Bali were meant to be visited together, and complimented each other perfectly. We enjoyed the change of scenery mid-week. If you’re looking for a unique-relaxing vacation, I’d definitely consider Four Seasons Bali.