Find the best airplane seat before you fly.

November 18, 2010 | By

Have you ever noticed the vast difference between airplane seats when you go from airline to airline and the different types of planes?  Some seats seem wider than others.  The armrests can be stationary on one plane, while on another you can lift them up for extra breathing room (if you’re lucky enough to have an empty seat next to you…).  Some seats have great legroom and the rest force you to kiss your knees.  And don’t you love it when you get the chair that won’t recline? (I hate this!  Although I’m sure the flier behind me is grateful.)

There are so many varieties, and all of them can make a difference in your comfort and enjoyment during a flight.  If you haven’t ever visited SeatGuru, you must make this a priority in choosing your next airplane seat.  This website gives seat advice for 700+ seatmaps from nearly 100 different airlines, many times including flier reviews and photos.  If you enter your airline name and flight number, the site will tell give you a color-coded map of the best seats, plus tell you all the in-flight amenities (internet, food, etc.).

Sample SeatGuru Airplane Map

Give our Andavo Travel vacation specialists a call to plan your next vacation. And then don’t forget to visit SeatGuru as you’re checking into your flight to ensure you get the best airplane seat possible!