Destination Spotlight: Copenhagen, Denmark

January 14, 2016 | By

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

On a blustery day wandering the streets of Copenhagen, there was only so much a jacket, gloves, hat and scarf could do to keep me warm. Wanting to have an authentic Copenhagenian experience, I remember reading about this indoor market with some delectable food offerings. And since my partner and I had been walking a better part of the day to take in the sights, coffee and pastries were sounding pretty good right about now.

As we made it to the large complex of Torvehallerne (two large indoor markets separated by a small outdoor square that has tables and chairs), we ventured inside and wandered the long rows of stalls. The place was packed with people, even on this early Friday afternoon. There were places selling crafts and clothing, fine wines and oils, chocolates and teas. But we were on the hunt for two very specific places… two famed Danish haunts.

And as we made it to the other end, we finally spotted them — right across the main aisle from one another: The Coffee Collective and Lauras Bakery.

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The Coffee Collective

First up was some caffeine to keep us going (we had just stepped off a 12-hour flight earlier in the day). The Coffee Collective is consistently rated as one of the best coffee houses in the world. And it’s important to note that on their website they specifically state that they are a ‘coffee roastery’ with three shops in Denmark. They take pride in the quality and taste of their coffees, and although I was a bit skeptical before tasting it, I was proved wrong with the first sip. I had a simple drip coffee (the Latin American blend) and my partner had an espresso. The coffee was simply divine — smooth, fragrant, and wholesome. It’s definitely worth the trip for any coffee aficionados or simply any lovers of this black liquid of the gods!

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Laura’s Bakery

Next was our short walk over to Lauras Bakery (another place consistently ranked among the world’s best), and with glass displays of all their freshly made goodies it was a tough decision. We asked the young girl behind the counter what she recommended and got both: the cinnabun and the spandauer. The cinnabun should be renamed the SINabun, it was that delicious! It was fluffy, moist, and, most of all, light. Not to mention it wasn’t overly sweet, just sweet enough, and was complimented nicely by its cream cheese frosting. The spandauer is a round Danish pastry, with a shallow middle that’s filled with custard and topped with almonds. Ours also had the sides dipped in dark chocolate, and it was simply divine!

As we licked our lips and the flavors continued to stay on our palates, we ventured back out into the cold. But one thing we instantly agreed on: we would come back to Copenhagen for more!