Destination Review: The Amazon in Peru

June 6, 2017 | By

On my recent trip to Peru our last stop was the Amazon after experiencing Lima and Machu Picchu. We took a flight to Iquitos, a bus ride to Nauta and a boat ride up the Amazon in the dark where we finally arrived to board the Delfin III at 11pm. They had dinner ready!

I am not a huge fan of the tropics but it was surprisingly bug-free and not as hot and humid as I was expecting. But I think maybe the bugs just didn’t like me as some people definitely had to juice up with the bug spray provided.

After a 6:30am wake-up call and breakfast we headed out the next day for a jungle walk with everyone wearing knee length gum boots.

We saw in order:

  • A tarantula! They are older than dinosaurs and the females who eat the males can live for 22 years
  • A poison arrow or dart red frog that was one inch long and lethal.
  • A boa constrictor – they live in tree wells and are not poisonous, as they just constrict their prey to death. Somewhat comforting?
  • A green anaconda – they live in water and give birth instead of laying eggs
  • The plant that is used to make Ayahuasca

So a productive morning!

The next day we swam in the crystal clear Amazon waters, went on a search for the famous pink dolphin, tried to spy a sloth high up in the trees, fished for piranha (they were teeny and I think more beer was consumed than any actual fishing done) and just soaked up the pristine environment. There is a reason they call this the Mirror Jungle.

Peru is a FABULOUS destination with the four P’s making it the perfect trip:

  • Pisco (sours)
  • Paso (horses)
  • Pig (guinea)
  • Peaks (Machu)

We did not even get to see all of Peru. I want to go back.