Destination Review: Tahiti & St Regis Bora Bora Resort

May 21, 2013 | By

joshtahiti2For years I have had Tahiti on a pedestal as the ideal honeymoon destination due to its “ultimate paradise” reputation and appeal. I recently got married and our wedding day was full of excitement and fun, but left us exhausted and ready to relax. I finally got my chance at a Tahitian honeymoon. Having long-awaited this particular vacation with such high expectations, one would assume that disappointment would be in the cards for us. In reality, our 10 days in Tahiti couldn’t have been long enough.

joshtahiti3We stayed at the St. Regis in Bora Bora and before we even reached our resort we knew that this was going to be an experience of a lifetime. The bright turquoise color of the water is incomparable and the lush beauty of the mountains made for a perfect backdrop. Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted with tropical drinks and given a tour of what was available to us during our stay. We were delighted to see that the resort alone presented us with a myriad of activities from couples massages at the spa to a private beach full of water toys. If we didn’t have so much fun doing all these fun activities, and eating at an amazing Japanese restaurant in the heart of the resort, we might not have ever left our deluxe overwater bungalow. The rooms have large Jacuzzis complete with scented bath salts that dye the water that turquoise ocean blue, a dive platform off the back, living room, large and comfortable bed, and full room service.

joshtahiti1We did get to experience a few adventures off the resort that I would highly recommend. We went scuba diving with a company called Top Dive. To our surprise, we ended up diving with lemon sharks that were up to 10 feet long! It wasn’t dangerous, only exhilarating. The interactions we had with the ocean life were fascinating; I would highly recommend going. We also spent a day exploring the main island on a scooter. We spent an hour or so driving around the island and also hiked around a few roads. I am glad that we got to see the lush tropical vegetation up close. Its beauty is similar to that of Kauai, if you have ever been.

My wife and I would like to visit again for one of our anniversaries. Bora Bora is ideal for any romantic getaway. Its seclusion and serene nature is the perfect setting for blissful relaxation intertwined with a little bit of fun.