Cruising the Mexican Riviera

December 14, 2010 | By

The Sapphire Princess

Our trip to the Mexican Riviera was a welcome escape from the unusually cold November we experienced in Salt Lake City.  Once we were aboard the on Saturday afternoon, rest and relaxation mode set in.  No emails. No phones. No stress. No worries!  The biggest decisions to make were which restaurant to eat at, which hot tub to soak in, which swimming pool to play in or do you want a vanilla, chocolate or vanilla chocolate twist ice cream cone for an afternoon treat! 

Sunrise as We Came Into Cabo

After two days at sea our first Port of Call was Puerto Vallarta.  We chose not to do a shore excursion here but we did get off the ship and walk to the mall and Wal-Mart.  Yes there is a Wal-Mart in Mexico. 

The next day we pulled into Mazatlan.  Here we took a tour of the city and points of interest with an hour stop at the beach.  It was an interesting experience being a passenger in a tour van going up and down narrow streets with no stop signs, no traffic lights and no street signs.  You just hope that everyone on the road sees you coming and stops before there is a collision. 

Merri Lou and Her Husband at El Arco

Cabo San Lucas was our final port of call.  This was my favorite.  As we came into port, I stood on my balcony watching El Arco, better known as Lands End, come into view.  After our tender boat ride from the ship to the pier, we were approached by many locals selling their tours.  We decided to take a glass bottom boat ride to Lands End.  The cost was almost nothing at $10.00 per person.  The tour guide spoke English very well and we felt safe.  On our way to El Arco we passed Lovers Beach and many pelicans perched on rocks jetting out of the water.  The huge rock formation with the arch in the center was well worth getting a closer look at.

Cruising is a perfect way to see the Mexican Riviera.  I highly recommend it for a relaxing warm getaway!