Canopy Zip Line in Puerto Vallarta

December 6, 2010 | By

A great cure for your fear of heights is zip lining!  I experienced my first zip line in the beautiful rain forests of Puerto Vallarta.

As I stepped onto the first platform, and looked at the ground 90 feet below, my heart was pounding with fear to the max.  I was about to chicken out when my dear husband pushed me off the platform.  Screaming all the way to the next platform, adrenalin pumping through my veins, I experienced a rush like never before!

As I landed on the next platform built around a giant tree, I opened my eyes and said, “Oh my gosh! That was awesome!”  From then on I was first in line for each of the following 17 lines; soaring high above the forest floor, in one of the most beautiful and complex natural ecosystems on earth.  The views from the zip line were absolutely spectacular!

I have never experienced a more exciting way to explore the depths of the tropical rain forest.  Your wildest fantasies of being Tarzan or Jane are vividly brought to life as you feel total exhilaration swinging at high speed from treetop to treetop through the dense tropical vegetation.

So if your heart can take the rush, I highly recommend ziplining.  The secret to the fear factor thing is to look out, not down and enjoy the ride!