Australia – Melbourne’s Hidden Secrets Tour

January 5, 2011 | By

Federation Square

As any first time visitor to a city knows, there are always must-see icons; the places you think of when someone mentions visiting the city. What we don’t know about are the hidden secrets of the city that the locals know and enjoy.

Well, now you can learn from the experts of the hidden secrets of Melbourne, a city of charming river front cafes and a great sense of style. (They say they can tell a person from Melbourne, because she wears “black”.)

Cumulus, Eating House on Flinders Lane

Well, there is plenty of color in Melbourne and the alleyways and hidden treasures prove this city is not monochromatic. Take the Hidden Secrets Tour to learn about the graffiti on Croft Alley, the dreaded Yellow Peril, the charming antique shops and restaurants off the beaten track.

You are in for some special treats and surprises, so don’t miss this tour. As a premier Aussie Specialist, I’d love to talk to you about this one!