Australia – Flooding in Queensland

January 14, 2011 | By

Flooding in Australia

The news has been inundated by the account of the devastating flooding in the central, outback and south western parts of Queensland, Australia. There have been deaths in the area where over 200,000 people reside and airports in the area have been closed.  This news comes after horrific hot and dry weather affected areas of Victoria, Australia, including Melbourne and the outback in recent years.

Popular Tourist Areas Are Unaffected

If you have always wanted to visit Australia, now is a good time to go. Since the weather problems are currently not affecting the traditional tourist areas, traveling now is safe and helpful. Your dollars will assist and aid in relief efforts for people and animals affected by these drastic weather conditions.

Most visited cities and areas of Australia, Sydney, Cairns (Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest), Ayers Rock, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane are all open for business and would love to share their Aussie hospitality with you. There will certainly be kangaroos, koalas and more to welcome you, too.

You can feel comfortable planning your trip down under with a Premier Aussie Specialist in your area. Check Tourism Australia’s website for a list of qualified agents.