AmaWaterways Danube River Cruise Review

June 20, 2017 | By

I’ve just returned from a wonderful 7-night Danube river cruise on the AmaWaterways AmaCerto ship. This was my third river cruise, second on AmaWaterways, but my first time down the Danube.

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AmaWaterways AmaCerto river cruise ship

We started in the charming German city of Vilshofen, a few hours outside of Munich. The ship docks near the center of town along a flowery river walking path and only a two minute walk to town. The festivities started right away with a German band and an Oktoberfest-type send-off with beer and pretzels.

AmaWaterways makes river cruising so easy and relaxing by offering a variety of city tours (included with your cruise in every city), so the gentle walkers can move at their own pace, while the regular walking tours and even bike tours can move a bit faster and get the chance to see more of the sights.

This itinerary is fantastic for those who have never made a Eastern European visit. AmaWaterways makes it possible to visit Prague for a three night pre- or post-cruise visit, or at the other end, a two night Budapest add on.

We visited Passau, Germany, Linz, Austria, Wachau Valley (Weissenkichen / Durnstein ) wine country, Vienna, Bratislava, Slovakia and finally Budapest, Hungary. With so much to see and do in Vienna and Budapest, the ship stays docked overnight. Linz has many included options to visit either Salzburg, Austria or Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.

River cruise ships generally sail at night while spending most of the day docked in the cities. However, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy sailing along the swift-moving Danube during the day. I was impressed with the scenery and the cleanliness of the Danube river, beautiful forest, tidy cities, and the occasional castle or abbey ruin.

The food and selection with the chefs that are Chaîne des Rôtisseures appointed is always fabulous and they always bring a choice of local wines from the area on board to try with your dinners, which in my opinion, sets them apart from other river cruise lines.

Because all of this is included in your river cruise, the value is astounding. Call me if you’re thinking of a river cruise and I can find an itinerary that fits your style.