Airline Review: Virgin Atlantic

May 28, 2015 | By

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Lunch in the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class cabin.

If you’re like me, you’ve found that the start and end to your vacation really set the overall tone, and boy was I flying high on my recent trip to London. Literally. I was traveling with a few other Andavo travel advisors, and our friend Marcos Gomez from Virgin Atlantic really knew how to take care of the ladies (as there were no men, God bless him) on this trip.

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The Virgin Atlantic private arrival area at Heathrow airport.

On the flight to London, we flew in their Premium Economy class and I was perfectly content. The seats are similar to a first class short haul domestic flight, so had plenty of leg space and were very comfortable. In our individual seats were the typical travel packs, including eye masks, socks, etc. My colleague and I were immediately offered a beverage upon sitting down and from then on we ate, watched one of the plethora of movies offered, and slept.

Although the ride over was quite comfortable, it doesn’t hold a candle to the flight back. Leaving a vacation is never easy, but when you have Virgin Atlantic Upper Class on your side, get yourself to Heathrow way too early for your own good, and enjoy that lounge! Virgin Atlantic’s separate check-in area at Heathrow is a really nice perk for those not wanting to deal with the public (i.e. Beyonce, when her jet’s being repainted).

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The Virgin Atlantic lounge at Heathrow

After you make it through the Upper Class-only security line, the sparkling lounge awaits you with open arms. In the mood for a big breakfast with a side of champagne? No problem. Having a bad hair day? Head over to the salon. A little crick in your neck? Dunk into the hot tub or better yet, get a massage. Mr. Lounge, where have you been my whole life!?



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Virgin Atlantic Upper Class pods

After dragging me out of the lounge, we boarded the plane to energetic music playing and neon purple lighting up the cabin aisle. The individual pod-like seats lie flat when ready, or separate into a seat and footrest. Lunch was served and enjoyed along with a long nap and movie. There was anything but a lack of kindness in their service, and it all started with our VA rep Marcos and his wonderful company Virgin Atlantic. Oh, and Sir Richard Branson.