Africa – Serian Camp

January 19, 2011 | By

Serian Camp is the bush home of Alex Walker, a filmmaker and a guide in the Masai Mara. This exclusive camp sits along a secluded valley of the Mara River. In the shade of the walburgia trees, the private luxury tents view the water in a tranquil setting. The Masai Mara has a wealth of wildlife and Serian Camp offers some of the best game viewing you will ever find in Africa while luxuriating in outstanding comfort in a very special setting.

On my visit, as evening settled in, guests were guided by a trail of flickering flames to the roaring fire for drinks prior to our bush supper under the clear African sky. The radio alert let us know we were about to see a very special resident. We bundled into the safari vehicles to see the famous local star, the leopard, Zawadi from Big Cat Diaries, as she playfully stalked a scrub hare not too far from our camp. As we watched, her interest fell upon our bush supper and she began heading toward the candlelight. That didn’t last long and she wandered off into the darkness of the night. We were glad she changed her mind!

Being out in the African bush offers so many unique and amazing wildlife experiences to treasure. Each moment is a memory.