Adventures in Lapland

April 17, 2014 | By

Where is Lapland, you may be wondering?

Lapland is considered the area above the Arctic Circle, which includes the northern portions of Finland, Russia, Norway and Sweden.

Why would anyone want to go there, you may also be asking?

Well, for those who enjoy outdoor activities and winter sports, along with unique accommodations, Lapland offers something special. For example, you can fly into Ivaro, Finland and travel to the Kakslauttanen Resort. Your five star experience may begin with several nights in a log cabin. The queen suite cabin offers the highest standard of luxury with a hot tub on the outdoor patio, and all of the cabins offer a sauna, which is a Finnish tradition. A special amenity in this resort is a smoke sauna, which can be followed by a dip in the ice pool.

You may also want to consider spending a night or two in the glass igloo, with a one of a kind view of the night sky — and maybe even the Northern Lights, if you are so lucky. The glass igloos have a toilet and sink, but the shower is housed in a different building. If you are concerned about privacy, they do feature curtains.


There are abundant winter activities, including snowshoeing, horse drawn sleigh rides, dog sledding and reindeer safaris. The Northern Lights and ice fishing are available via snowmobiles. You may also visit Santa’s home and interact with him and one of his faithful reindeer.  His house is decorated for the season and features some very exclusive toys and items. The small towns of Saariselka and Inari house some wonderful museums with highlights of the Sami culture, the native people of the area. It also includes lots of information about the seasons and indigenous wildlife.

Summer is also a great time to visit Kakslauttanen, where you can enjoy hiking, the midnight sun, horseback riding, rafting, canoeing, and gold panning — all while viewing gorgeous scenery and colorful wildflowers.

If you want to experience Lapland at its finest, book early with your preferred travel agent to ensure that you will not be disappointed.