5 Travel Accessories to Use at Home

May 26, 2012 | By

The 1940’s brick bungalow I live in is big on charm, but not so much on space.  Sound familiar?  For those of us living in small spaces – or just preferring a minimalist lifestyle – I loved this article citing five techie travel accessories to use at home.

Grid-It Organization System
Travel Use: Keeps travel necessities organized in a carry-on bag or clipped onto the tray table latch in your airplane seat.
At-Home Use: Drop it in a messy drawer to stay organized, or hang it onto a wall or the side of your desk for extra storage in tight work spaces.
Get it: $9.99 to $49.99, depending on size; cocooninnovations.com

Go-Anywhere Side Table
Travel Use: A flat-pack folding side table that can tuck under a hotel mattress for easy access to bedside gadgets and charging cables (it has two cord clips built-in).
At-Home Use: A permanent side table for bedrooms that are seriously lacking space, or a side table for convertible multi-purpose room beds (like that futon in the office/guest-room).
Get it: $14.99; thinkgeek.com

Jet Lag Alarm Clock
Travel Use: A teeny alarm clock that’s half the size of your passport with easy access to change clocks and set alarms (plus a “lock” function for all those buttons).
At-Home Use: A tiny alarm clock that will perch on a thin flat headboard and can handle getting thrown around a bit at home.
Get it: $40 in red, white or black; aplusrstore.com

MiniDock iPhone Dock
Travel Use: Plug in the dock and charge your iPhone upright next to your hotel bed with the built-in charger.
At-Home Use: Make room (and clear cord clutter) on the bedside table by using this in the outlet next to your bed. Or use it in the bathroom to enjoy shower tunes without leaving your gadget in the countertop splash zone.
Get it: $19.95; bluelounge.com

ComboSaver Portable Laptop Lock
Travel Use: Keep this combination lock stashed in your bag to lock up your laptop wherever you go.
At-Home Use: Use this laptop lock on your desk at home; the coiled cord will help with cord management and keep slack cord from falling on the floor.
Get it: $24.99; kensington.com