10 Reasons to Visit Colorado’s Royal Gorge

March 12, 2013 | By

Royal Gorge Railroad

Royal Gorge Railroad

Colorado is often thought to have snow year round, and I can think of a few mountain ski areas that wish it were so!  However, the truth is that the climate is mild most of the year and the state offers a myriad of outdoor activities to experience along with exceptional sightseeing opportunities. One highlight I enjoy is the Royal Gorge. A trip to the area can easily be a day trip from Denver and offers winery tours, rafting, and (of course) the adventures and sights at the gorge itself.

The 3 million year old gorge, in all its color and splendor, is one of the most massive in the world. Aside from the natural beauty, here are 10 of the best reasons to visit and enjoy Royal Gorge National Park in Colorado.

1.  Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in America and one of the highest in the world.  You can walk or drive across it.

2.  Lookout Mountain’s Incline Railway is one of the world’s steepest passenger railways – these trolley-style cars travel up the mountain at a 72.7% grade.  Straight up!

3.  The new Royal Rush Skycoaster has been voted the world’s scariest skycoaster and is an adrenaline rush. I did this and found myself free falling from a 100 foot tower, soaring back and forth over the Arkansas River 1,200 feet below with my heart drumming in my throat and ears.  Exhilarating, to say the least.

4.  Aerial Tram is one of the world’s longest single-span aerial trams.

5.  The Cliff Walk eases over the edge of the gorge for a pulse-raising experience.

6.  Wapiti Western Wildlife park:  See native Colorado animals, including the white American bison among others. We saw the baby animals, which is always special.

7.  Silver Rock Railroad:  A one mile ride for the whole family in a scale model of the Old 424, an original 1893 locomotive.

8.  Water Clock:  One of only 3 in the world, it keeps time at the park’s entrance.

9.  Carousel:  Everyone enjoys this ride.

10.  The Soaring Eagle Zip Line boasts that it’s the highest in the world, up to 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River going up to 30 miles an hour.  You are secured into a chair, instead of the typical zip line harness. Safety first!